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Pop music you can beat your friends up to. 


Explosive and heavy, BITTER KISSES lead a filthy underground party loaded with infectious grooves and contagious tunes. 

Formed in 2022, BITTER KISSES have quickly made a name for themselves with their high energy live shows and synth-infused blend of Dark Pop and Goth Rock.

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Gemma Tracey - Lead Vocals

Thomas Adams - Vocals, Bass 

Josh Butcher - Vocals, Guitar

Scarlett Cawley - Drums

‘The fab four UK sensation that will surely be everyone’s favourite band of 2023.’

- Amplify the noise



Josh: 07724851122

Scarlett: 07931662915

Gemma: 07833467646

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‘Bitter Kisses are the angst driven, attitude heavy band you've been searching for!’

- Click Roll Boom


The band generates energy like a mad scientist that’s developed a Insta-party device.

- the bristol gig guide


'Pr*y' is a hell of a song. It's one of the best debut singles I've heard. It will open old wounds, rub salt in them and leave you in full on fight mode!’

- Click Roll Boom

‘“Pr*y” is down right amazing. “Pr*y” grabs you from note one with mind blowing hypnotic beats that are more epic than an all night dance party.’

- The Whole Kameese

‘This is a lot of fun. It’s also very, very catchy. Bitter Kisses are going to turn a lot of heads with this debut. Exactly what a band would want with their first single.- GBHBL

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